Ajax or Grid post in Avada theme not displaying!

no ajax means no blog post

Visual composer Grid Post not showing up or displaying

This is a quick fix to quite a specific problem. When you have ajax on your page, and it has stopped working when it previously was. The installation context is with namely, I believe wordpress version 4.5 , and Avada theme version 3.8.4

I am playing around with Visual Composer and recently the grid posting for the blog stopped working. That’s strange. At first I thought it was a plugin or javascript conflict issue. Then I realized that the basic twenty series themes that came with wordpress had no problems. So something’s got to be wrong with the Avada theme, since I doubt wordpress is wrong.

The below error appears in the chrome console:

Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [href^=#]

So what we need to do here is to hunt down the code which is calling this expression, which occurs in 3 files:

  1. wp-content\themes\Avada\assets\js\main.js
  2. wp-content\themes\Avada\assets\js\main.min.js
  3. wp-content\themes\Avada\assets\js\theme.js

To solve for this grid post issue alone, modifying the 2nd file is adequate. Steps to tackle the issue:

  1. Change all the [href^=#] expressions to [href^=”#”]
  2. Save all 4 expressions found in the file and your posts should start showing up again!
  3. To see the results, remember to refresh your view with a clean internet browser cache so that the old js file is cleared.

Do leave a comment if this helps, or does not work. Do share other tips/work-arounds/suggestions too!


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