4 types of website errors and ways to diagnose and solve: a general strategy


There are complicated problems, and there are complex problems. (there is a good HBR article on this). Hopefully your problem falls into the former. And in translation to the tech world, problems such as these consists of bugs and errors. This ultimately leads to decreased user satisfaction, drop in customer experience, and thus lowered sales. […]

All about customer experience, even more so for online businesses

frustrated customer

Even if you don’t see your customer, Don’t forget about customer experience So the story goes like this… Background context I have been a long time customer of company XX, who sells web hosting and from what i understand (after all the trouble below), allows their customers to also buy domains through them from another […]

WordPress Plugin down, what to do the layman way

wordpress plugin down

What to do when your wordpress plugin does not work or stops working Image created via PiktoChart WordPress plugin malfunctions can be an especially frustrating experience. This often happens when there are multiple plugins installed and some starts to conflict. Or a plugin proclaims certain functionalities, but turns out that it does not seem to […]