All about customer experience, even more so for online businesses

frustrated customer

Even if you don’t see your customer, Don’t forget about customer experience So the story goes like this… Background context I have been a long time customer of company XX, who sells web hosting and from what i understand (after all the trouble below), allows their customers to also buy domains through them from another […]

How my website can provide automated alerts and notifications


Setting up an automated job for your website Part of every webmaster or marketers’ toolkit is the knowledge of automated jobs that you can run under the suite of built-in tools from your website host. Most website hosting provide with it an administrative panel called Cpanel which among the set contain a useful tool called […]

Customized pdf downloads for every user

Image from Flickr Mass customization of pdf generation for all users The very good thing about technology is that we can start to provide a customized experience for every unique customer, and yet achieve it easily enough at a large scale without great expenditure of effort or infrastructure. Also called ‘mass customization‘. Many websites today […]