Captcha passwords and clumsy ways – the bot malice


Captcha is appearing everywhere! These couple of years, Captcha has appeared in so many “forms”, as well as in web forms everywhere. Google in an effort to step up automated bot detection, and at the same time also address the usability aspect of it, came up with the reCAPTCHA initiative. For their purposes of intent (at the compromise […]

5 Learning points from

alexa tool pages learning points

The product pages that stood out: learning points There are certain websites we visit, that we may subconsciously think how nicely it engages us. Somehow the experience feels right, everything is smooth. What you expect to happen happens, plus a few extras thrown in. But have you stopped to think what makes a site better than […]

All about customer experience, even more so for online businesses

frustrated customer

Even if you don’t see your customer, Don’t forget about customer experience So the story goes like this… Background context I have been a long time customer of company XX, who sells web hosting and from what i understand (after all the trouble below), allows their customers to also buy domains through them from another […]